Los Anegados
This rock bank lies half way between El Morro and the Marietas Islands in a relatively sheltered area of the outer limits of Banderas Bay.

The bank starts at around 30 ft below the oceans surface and is full of caves and interesting rock formations.

The highlight of this dive is the chance to see nurse sharks which are often sighted here.

Los Anegados is a popular dive after the deeper descents at El Morro and, due to the shallower depths here, it is common that you will see bottom dwellers such as rays and eels. Pelagics such as Tuna and Jacks are also very common here as well as the famous giant mantas.

This popular scuba tour gives you the chance to enjoy a one tank dive at both El Morro and Los Anegados - so make your reservations TODAY!
9:00-16:00 Uhr
Español / Englisch
1 Tank:
0,00 Euro
2 Tanks:
71,00 Euro
• BCD.
• Taucheranzug.
• Regulator.
• Gewichte.
• 2 Scuba Tanks.
• Mittagessen.
• Getränke
• PADI ausgebildeter Tauchlehrer
• Nicht erwähnte Aktivitäten.
• Elektronsiche Teilnahmebestätigung.
• Leichte Jacke.
• Badesachen.
• Badetuch.
• Sonnen-Creme.
• Fotoapparat.
• Kleingeld für Souvenirs und Trinkgelder.
Hinweise und Empfehlungen
• Verfügbar für taucher mit mehr als 50 abgeschlossene Tauchgänge.
• Boat: 46ft Newton Special.
• Wasser Temperatur: 62-82°F/17-28°C.
• durchschnittl. Sichtbarkeit: 30-90 ft/9-28 m.
• Tiefe: 30-80 ft/9-25 m.